Asia-Pacific Congress and Training of Women and men in Media, and Women in Politics, Governance, and Decision-making on Transformative Leadership

November 8-10, 2001 - Makati City, the Philippines

Theme: Media and Transformative Leadership

The Asia-Pacific Congress and Training of Women and Men in Media, and Women in Politics, Governance, and Decision-making on Transformative Leadership was co-organized by the Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP) and the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), in collaboration with Isis International-Manila. Held on November 8-10, 2001, the conference’s theme was “Media and Transformative Leadership”. There were 209 participants from 17 Asia-Pacific countries, including 34 are from the media sector, 7 from academe, 72 from non-government organizations, 8 from multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, and 73 government officials and business people (see our photo page for some of the participants).

The objectives of the Media and Transformative Congress were:

1. To discuss how the culture of transformative leadership can be practiced within and among regional media organizations and individual practitioners; and
2. To discuss how media groups and practitioners can help in the advocacy and practice of the culture of transformative leadership amongst the women in politics, governance and decision-making through media promotion and advocacy.

The congress was a rare opportunity for women and men in media and women in politics and governance from the Asia-Pacific region to come together in a forum designed exclusively for them. The congress brought together experts who shared their insights, analysis and experiences on media and transformative leadership. The workshops, training sessions and panel discussions provided the participants a forum to discuss and deliberate on the possible strategies in the promotion and advancement of transformative leadership through media.

The coming together of the women and men from across the Asia-Pacific region gave them a chance to interact with each other and to start forming networks through which they will continue to share insights, ideas, experiences and mutual support.

Conference Documents to Download
Congress Report (with detailed reports of discussions and activities, but only outlines of the papers listed below) Acrobat (731Kb)
Congress Participants Acrobat (412Kb)
Welcome Remarks - Khunying Supatra Masdit, President, CAPWIP Word File (25Kb)
Welcome Remarks - Terence D. Jones, Resident Representative, United Nations Development Programme, Manila Word file (28Kb)
Concepts, Principles and Values of Transformative Leadership in Media - Melinda Quintos-de Jesus, Executive Director Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility Word file (47Kb)
Partnership with Media for Transformative Leadership - Angana Parekh, Director, Women's Feature Service, India Word File (37Kb)
Strategies for Promoting Transformative Leadership Within and Among Media - Emily Abrera, President & CEO, McCann Ericsson Word File (29Kb)
An Indonesian Perspective on Women and Men in Media, Women in Politics, Governance and Decision Making on Transformative Leadership - Gadis Arivia Word File (34Kb)
Media and Transformative Leadership: Current Practices, Experiences, Insights - a case of Thai Journalist - Mr. Jakrapob Penkair, Vice President, The Thai Broadcast Journalists Association, and CEO & President, Malagan, Co., Ltd. (Media Production House) Word File (29Kb)
Women in politics: using media for good governance - Tonette T. Orejas, Women's Feature Service, Philippines Word File (25Kb)
Transformative Leadership, my personal experience - Nenny Soemiwinata Powerpoint File (52Kb)



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