Fifth Asia-Pacific Congress
of Women in Politics
29 August 1998

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The 5th Asia-Pacific Congress of Women in Politics was held on 29 August 1998 at Makati, Philippines with 268 participants from 23 countries. The congress was held during the second day of the 2nd Congress of the Global Network of Women in Politics (GlobalNet) to maximize the presence of a large number of delegates from the Asia-Pacific region. Since CAPWIP is spearheading the development of an Asia-Pacific program on women in politics funded by UNDP, the main agenda of the Congress was to consult and validate possible program focus, strategies and institutions for capability building activities.

A workshop by country was conducted and a plan of action for each participating Asia-Pacific country was produced. Then, the participants were grouped into 2 - the first composed of leaders, decision-makers and candidates, while the second group was composed of citizens. The groups looked into the needs of WIP in research, education and training, organizing and networking, and advocacy; then examined the existing resources/institutional programs and networks, and the gaps; and finally developed an action plan to address these gaps. The output of the country workshops was subsequently used during the preparation of CAPWIP's medium term regional program for women in politics.

Participants from the religious and non-government organizations brainstorm during the country workshop planning.
CAPWIP Board Member Margaret Shields gives an overview of the process for the Workshop while Board Member Remedios Rikken looks on.

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