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Welcome to our Activities page. Here, we will tell you about a lot of the activities that CAPWIP is engaged in or has completed. We are confident that reading this page will give you a better idea of the strength and scope of CAPWIP.


Advocacy and Networking

In here, you will find the Why, Who, Where and When of many of CAPWIP's ideals, aspirations and programmes.

Global Congresses of Women in Politics

Asia-Pacific Congresses of Women in Politics


Empowering Women for Transformative Leadership and Citizenship

Women in Politics Seminars

Asian-Pacific Leadership Training Institute

Research and Information Sharing

Issues in Women's Political Empowerment in the Asia-Pacific Region

South East Asian Country Situationers on Women in Politics

Learning in Politics: Case Study of Women in Pursuit of Political Office in the May 1998 Philippine Elections

Platform for Action to Promote Women's Equal Access to Power in the Asia-Pacific Region

Platform for Action to Promote Responsible Women Citizenship in Transforming Politics

Sub-Regional Activities

Advocacy and Networking
Research and Information Sharing


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Dated: March 03,2009