Newsletter - Feb 2000

A New Central Asia Sub-Regional Focal Point!

The Mongolian Democratic Socialist Women's Association (MDSWA) is the new sub-regional coordinating focal point for the CAPWIP network in Central Asia.  MDSWA has been organizing workshops and training for various levels of politically active women since 1995. During Mongolia's 1996 elections, 8 women from MDSWA's affiliate NGOs ran as candidates for the parliament.

The Mongolian Women's Information and Research Center, on the other hand, will be responsible for the Central Asia website of CAPWIP.  The Center has previously collaborated with the preparatory assistance activity on assessing the training, research and networking capacities and needs coordinated by CAPWIP under UNDP's APGEN (Promoting Gender Equality in the Asia-Pacific Region) Programme.  They will now be in-charge of setting up a virtual resource center on women-in-politics.

Training Module on the Practice of Transformative Politics

As part of its Promoting Women's Political Participation in Political Decision-Making project with UNDP's APGEN Programme, CAPWIP is developing a 5-day basic training module for women leaders and advocates.   The training module intends to raise the consciousness of participants on why women should become involved in politics either as an active electorate or in a leadership position.  It will also explain the transformative politics framework and how this can be carried out.  This training is a must for those who are directly or indirectly influencing the public decision-making process from the local to the national level.

The "Empowering Women for Transfomative Leadership and Citizenship" training module is expected to be completed within the first quarter of the year and will undergo pre-testing.  An 8-day Training of Trainers (TOT) is scheduled on August 2000 in the Philippines.  Twenty trainers from training institutions within the region will be selected to participate in the TOT.


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Updated: 8Feb2000