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"I hope that soon there will be 50% women in Parliament in the Asia-Pacific countries. And that soon, women of the Asia-Pacific may emerge as equal partners of men in the social and economic field as well."

"To be a woman politician is to have hope. My hope is for each girl to live a life of dignity with fair choices, with education and with the freedom to make her own choice."
"I hope that one day women will stand free, with their heads held high as they have changed the world and released their children from the pain of child labor. Women will breathe in the winds of change as they have taught men to appreciate a world that is free of nuclear armament."
"I hope that we would be able to fulfill our dreams of changing our world into a Peaceful Global Village."

"I hope there will be a network of Women Parliamentarians in the Asia-Pacific Region and more Asia-Pacific Women Parliamentarians' Conferences like this one."

"I hope there are more women leaders in the 21st Century."

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Dated: 25May2000