Asia-Pacific Women Parliamentarians' Conference on Transformative Leadership for Good Governance in the 21st Century
24 - 25 March 2000, Bangkok

About The Conference

Highlights of the Plenary Presentations

Plenary 1: Transformative Leadership in the 21st Century

A Framework for Transforming Politics and Leadership by Dr. Rounaq Jahan, Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
Experiences in Transformative Politics by Women Legislators from Asia-Pacific
Accidental Politician by Hon. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Member of Parliament - Malaysia
Secret Weapons by Hon. Akiko Yamanaka, Member of the House of Representatives - Japan
Transforming Politics in Nepal by Hon. Chitralekha Yadav, Deputy Speaker of the Pratinidhi Sabha (House of Representatives) - Nepal
Transforming Politics: A Personal Experience from Fiji by Hon. 'Atu 'o Hakautapu Margaret Emberson-Bain, Senator - Fiji

Plenary 2: Managing Globalization to Ensure a More Equitable and Sustainable Path to National and Regional Development
Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities by Ms. Solita Collas-Monsod, Professor, School of Economics, University of the Philippines
Technology, Women and Globalization by Dr. Swasti Mitter, Professor, Institute for New Technologies, United Nations University
Women in Business and Globalization by Ms. Isabelita Palanca, Deputy Chair, Confederation of Women's Business Councils in the Asia-Pacific Economic Council (APEC)

Plenary 3: Women's Role in Transforming Approaches to Conflict Resolution at the National and Regional Level
Women Politicians: A Global Force for Peace by Ms. Eugenia Piza-Lopez, Head, Policy and Advocacy Department, International Alert
Women and Transformative Politics in Cambodia by Hon. Sochua Mu, Minister for Women's and Veterans' Affairs, Royal Kingdom of Cambodia
Conflict Resolution: The Vietnam Experience by Hon. Tran Thi Kim Thoa, Vice Chairman, Committee for External Affairs of the National Congress of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Transforming Approaches to Conflict Resolution by Dr. V. Mohini Giri, Chairperson, Guild of Service, India

Common Critical Points for Action Drawn From Workshop Outputs of the Women Members of Parliament

Workshop 1: Transforming Politics and Leadership
Workshop 2: Country and Regional Actions to Review and Reframe Policies to Manage Globalization
Workshop 3: Country and Regional Actions to Review and Reframe Policies on Conflict Resolution

Future Actions

Some follow-up actions that the participants felt are essential.

Conference Photos (4 pages)

Our Hopes (2 pages)

Expressions of hope for the future


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